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Implementing a successful GRC program is like successfully ascending a mountain peak. Both require effort, time, focus, and commitment. We at PROGREC help organizations ascend the peak of the GRC with the help of our enterprise GRC platform REGORISC,
which is simple, adaptable, and sustainable.

REGORISC version 1 KUNDADRI will be available for implementation starting from Jun 01, 2024.

Enhance transparency, mitigate risks, and ensure regulatory compliance across your organization.

GRC Registry

Centralized database to manage and ensure regulatory adherence.

“Centralize, your GRC Initiatives”

Issue Registry

Log and track various discrepancies encountered within the operations.

“Effortlessly Track, Resolve, and Excel”

Compliance Review

Audit to assess its adherence to regulatory requirements.

“Navigate Compliance with Precision”

Risk Management

Identifying, Analyzing, and Evaluating potential hazards and impacts.

“Navigate Uncertainty with Confidence”

Business Resilience

Adapt, Recover, and Thrive in the face of unexpected crises or challenges.

“Building resilience, Shaping success.”

Survey Management

Facilitating decision-making and improving organizational strategies.

“Survey Management Made Simple”

Are You Looking for GRC Software?

Our GRC practices and procedures are customized to fit seamlessly into existing workflows and corporate culture, making them more likely to be adopted and implemented effectively across the organization. This can result in better risk management, enhanced compliance, and improved decision-making, which leads to more efficient operations and better overall performance.

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“Empowering Every Sector, Enabling Maximum Industries.”

Our Motto

PROGREC seeks to simplify procedures and empower firms to more effectively manage risk and compliance while also being in line with their strategic goals by fusing Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance into a single, coherent framework.

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